Meet the ladies, the ladies.

Both Bree and Ginna are available for media interviews on subjects including digital marketing, C-level positioning, brand positioning and women at work.


Brevard neely

Bree Neely, MBA, is co-founder and CCO of Direct Object Communications. She has nearly two decades of experience in marketing, PR and editorial strategy leading up both businesses and functional departments.

Bree specializes in developing B2B and B2C messaging strategies and collateral, and is particularly adept at branding, differentiation and executive thought leadership. With experience running agencies as well as directing award-winning marketing efforts for multinationals, she has sat on both sides of the desk and knows precisely how to deliver value in a consulting relationship.

Bree received her BA from Colorado College and her MBA from Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. She keeps busy working to advance opportunities and rights for women in Denver and beyond. When not tapping away at her keyboard, Bree’s days are spent traveling, skiing and overseeing a variety of children and animals.


Virginia santy

Ginna Santy, Ph.D., is co-founder and CEO of Direct Object Communications. She received her doctorate in strategic communication and women’s studies from UC-Boulder and has ten years of experience in strategic communication advising around an array of social issues and business challenges.

A former professor of communication and women’s studies, her research on women, leadership and work is published in a range of academic and professional outlets. Her examination of women in power and leadership roles earned her the National Women’s Scholar of the Year Award from the Organization for Research on Women and Communication. In addition, she conducts research and consults with developers, private enterprise, and elected officials on how to plan and design cities to support women.

Ginna is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Broadview Denver, an online resource dedicated to helping women to see themselves as a force for change and positive action in the community.